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Auntie Bev's Jerk BBQ Marinade & Sauce
auntie-bev-jerk-marinade-sauceThis spicy and zesty marinade/sauce has that wonderful Caribbean Jerk flavour that can only be found in Jamaica.

Auntie Bevs Jerk BBQ Marinade & Sauce is an excellent flavouring for barbequing, grilling and roasting chicken, pork, seafood, burger, steaks, stews, soups, gravies, oven roast and so much more!.

You can make traditional style jerk chicken and jerk pork for an authentic taste of Jamaica!

Add Auntie Bevs Jerk BBQ Marinade & Sauce to your veggie dip for a fun, zesty taste!

It comes in a 300ml (10 oz) bottle.




Auntie Bev's Hot Sauce
auntie-bev-hot-sauceAuntie Bev's NEW Hot Sauce is a HOT ! spicy all purpose table sauce made from real Jamaican 'Scotchbonnet peppers'.

It has a distinctive Jamaican flavor as well as the "heat" you look for in a HOT sauce.

Use it at the table and also in the kitchen to kick up the flavour of soups, dips, and more!

It comes in a convenient 150ml (5 oz) bottle.






Auntie Bev's Dry Jerk Seasoning

auntie-bev-jerk-seasoningA unique blend of herbs and spices that captures the flavours of the Caribbean. Use as a DRY RUB to spice up your chicken, pork or fish. Comes in a handy 200 g bottle.





Auntie Bev's All-Purpose Seasoning

auntie-bev-all-purposeTry this special blend of herbs and spices on your favourite seafood, chicken, pork or steak. Made from 14 different spices that combine to create this unique taste. Rub or shake on liberally. Comes in a handy 200g bottle.







Auntie Bev's Gourmet Curry Powder

The best Caribbean-style Curry you will ever taste.auntie-bev-curry Use it as you will any curry powder but expect a unique flavour and bright yellow colour with less odour. Comes in a 200g handy bottle.